Slip Tape ™ is a light weight, engineered polymer, self adhesive, see-through sheet that increases the performance of your board and provides consistently smooth slides without tearing up your graphics.
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“Slip Tape, more than anything else, is consistent. It slides the same
time after time. It's a bit slicker than bare wood- but, not death-defyingly slippery. …
one of the funner things that I've ridden in quite some time. I was very, very pleasantly
surprised, and I had a really good time sliding on stuff that, under normal circumstances,
isn't really all that skatable. I had an absolute blast testing this stuff- and, what's more,
I'm still riding it. I wish I had more of it…” Bud Stratford, Concrete Wave

“(Slip Tape) felt a lot like a brand-new wood board that stays
brand-new feeling, slide after slide.” HRK, Ontario

“I just bought a new skateboard with slip tape on and it is working wonders. I can ollie higher,
slide my grinds and slides alot better and it looks cool. I have learned many new tricks
in the last couple days and I owe it all to slip tape.” Andrew , IN

“The slip tape is sick you got a good idea over there
good luck with everything.” Chris , NY

“ Will be on every deck from now on.” Brice , TX

"love it", " like teflon". Blake , TX

“I have been using Slip Tape now for 3 weeks - on a couple of decks.
It greatly increases the length of the slide. It has held up very good and not been
torn up on slides, graphics are still like new.” JP, TX

“Since using Slip Tape I can do much longer slides that are
consistently smooth, like butter” Dale , OH

“Slip Tape is sic, after using it for a while I tried using a deck without it and
it just isn't the same, the performance is killer.” Shane , OH

“I am getting 3 times longer performance out of my board with Slip Tape,
I love it!” Chris , GA

"Slip Tape changed the way i skate. I can pop my tricks higher,
keep my graphic looking new, and slide on tailslides, boardslides, lipslides,
and noseslides a lot longer and smoother." Ian , OH

“Wow I am impressed! This stuff is killer. I skated all day with it and
yeah my slides were long and smooth. I really don't give a dunk about graphics
seeing I am a sponsored skater and get decks when ever I need them
but this stuff has some great performance.” Josh , IN

“Hey man I just put on my Slap Tape and it is like the smoothest
I have ever slid in my entire life !!!” Cody , WI

"I used to have rails and it messed me up in many different ways. When I got Slip Tape
it protected my graphic better than rails, it did not mess up my grabs, and it felt smoother
even on rusty coping. Slip Tape is the best." Keith, FL

"Slip tape.. well where do I start. First I'd like to say it is way more than i
expected it was. The first time I board slid with it my board shot out from under me
and rocketed down the rail and I was all "holy moly dude this stuff works too good".
Now I have learned to adapt to Slip Tape's great smooth slides and I can be happy
that my graphic is perserved! Slip tape is awesmoe and I recommend it to everyone no matter
what they skate because you'll find it will help your skating in so many ways." Ryan, AZ

"Hey that sip tape is rad it works so good i can boardside mad long I will have my board
forever  and I can tailside stuff thats not even wax it so fun I want more." Travis, PA

"Slip Tape is sick I've been skating it for like a month and the board hasn't broken or
gotten barely any pressure cracks or any scratches on my deck!" Jake

"I just want you to know that I love Sliptape I have had it on my board for three weeks now and it keeps my board looking great and it performs great". Jamie, OH

"Slip Tape is truely is an awsome product! Stretch", MN

"When I first did a rock-to-fakie with Slip Tape, I was afraid my board would be so slickit would shoot out from under my feet, but that wasn't the case. The best thing about Slip Tape is that it's slick but not deathly slick. My slides are better, but I am still able to do rock-to-fakies, disasters, and other tricks that I would normally slip out on if I had rails on my board. I also like how it doesn't make my board heavy and it saves my graphics, so now I can shoot photos for my sponsors any time. Thanks for making a great product." -Stacie, FL



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